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For those of you who get tired of reading long texts and who would rather deal

with information presented briefly and concisely, we have developed a SWAY guide based on SWAY quotes and SWAY diagrams.

This guide consists of 100 cards. Each of the cards contains a complete idea, a scheme

or a drawing. The cards are convenient to use when preparing presentations, conducting Agile and SWAY events (planning, daily, demo, retro) or team training activities. 

You can easily print out the cards and stick them to the wall (for example, as a checklist), send or share them using your social media accounts. 

For your convenience, the guide is divided into chapters - you can see the titles

on the sidebar menu on the left. This will allow you to find what you need faster while saving valuable time.  

You can download "SWAY Guide: Key Quotes and Diagrams" all at once (all 100 cards). You can also download any of the chapters or any of the cards separately. Just click the button

at the bottom of each page of the section.

The SWAY guide is a step-by-step manual for implementing Agile in sales. After applying our SWAY recommendations, you will be able to continue your Agile sales path independently.

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