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Why Agile in Sales

Updated: May 12, 2021

Agile is much more than just a way to increase profits. It’s a whole new way of thinking. In this talk, Marina will examine why Agile in sales is important and describe seven steps to building an agile sales team. Throughout she will be sharing her personal experiences.

Marina Alex

My name is Marina Alex and I worked for over 10 years in sales in Russia’s top finance companies. I have extensive experience of implementing Agile in Sales teams in Russia and other European countries. I am glad to share with you my experience and I hope my speech will motivate to adopt Agile mindset and methods in your Sales departments and perhaps in your whole company. An Agile transformation is the best thing that can happen to any sales department. But it will require patience, hard work and being ready to accept serious changes. I practice Agile transformation and have already launched over 170 Agile Sales teams. They come from different industries, such as retail, distribution, atomic industry, medical clinics network, and many more.

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