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A New Tool to Achieve Sales Goals in 2023


Let me tell you a story that you might be familiar with. It was a well-established and successful 26 years old company, but sales had been decreasing dramatically in the last two years. The marketing department was in a separate building across the street. They never met their sales colleagues and saw each other only in photos in email avatars. The only communication bridge between sales and marketing was their bosses, who met each other once weekly on Tuesdays. Everybody blamed the sales department for bad results.

This is a typical situation that occurs when the sales and marketing departments have a lack of communication. Marketing is only expected to find leads but has a lack of responsibility for financial results. The sales department continues to use old sales techniques that, while they worked 20 years ago, no longer work in a changing world. Both marketing and sales have a lack of understanding of who their customer is and what their needs are.

What can you do today if you recognize yourself in this story?

To achieve sales goals in 2023, you need to unite marketing and sales. In my new article, I am sharing a tool that might help you.

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